DIY Car Fixes

Did you know there are DIY ways you can improve your car’s performance? Whether you are trying to make your car faster, run smoother, or make it last longer, there is always room for improvement! Replace Old Air Filter and Spark Plugs Your air filter cleans the debris out of the air that goes into … Continue reading DIY Car Fixes

Most Common Driving Annoyances

Distracted Drivers According to a report issued by the CDC, each day more than  1,153 people are injured in a crash involving a distracted driver. The top most annoying (and surprisingly common) driving distraction is grooming. Most people have witnessed drivers putting on eye makeup, tweezing eyebrows and have even witnessed people brushing their teeth! … Continue reading Most Common Driving Annoyances
teen driving

Keeping Your Teen Driver Safe

Getting a driver’s license is an exciting rite of passage for teens. However, it is important to remember that there are significant dangers when it comes to inexperienced drivers.  Here are three simple rules to help protect your teen on the road. Restrict Technology or Use It as a Tool   With the amount of … Continue reading Keeping Your Teen Driver Safe

The Most Dangerous Season For Driving

The day before Thanksgiving, or sometimes referred to as “Drinksgiving”, marks the start of the deadliest season for drunk driving. A report released by Alcohol Monitoring Systems (AMS) closely monitored a group of over 400,000 DUI offenders and discovered that drinking violations jumped around 33% between Thanksgiving and New Years Day. The holiday season is … Continue reading The Most Dangerous Season For Driving

You May Qualify For Free Services Through Your Health Insurance Policy

With all of the controversy over new healthcare, we thought it would be a good idea to hone in on the positive changes happening, and benefits you may be able to take advantage of with these new plans. Many plans now provide free cancer screenings, immunizations and even diet counseling. Here are some things to … Continue reading You May Qualify For Free Services Through Your Health Insurance Policy

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