Do's and Don'ts of Buying a Used Car

Do's and Don'ts of Buying a Used Car

If you’re shopping for a used car, you may not know where to begin, but used car shopping doesn’t have to be confusing. In fact, used cars have been the popular choice for vehicle shoppers year after year. According to Edmunds’ Used Car Report, over 10.4 million used cars were sold this spring. With so many options, it’s important to do your homework before bringing home a new set of keys, so your friends at ABC Insurance Agencies created this helpful guide to help you find a reliable, safe used vehicle.

Reasons to Buy Used

  • Purchasing a used car can help you save money on your auto insurance
  • Used cars depreciate less over time
  • Used cars are much less expensive than new cars and are just as reliable
  • Older vehicles can have cheaper registration fees

There are many tips and tricks to help you find your ideal used vehicle. From analyzing your budget to choosing the type of car, these do’s and don’ts will help guide you in the right direction.

Infographic explaining do's and don'ts of buying a used car

Where to Purchase a Used Vehicle

Now that you know why buying a used car is a great idea, it’s time to start shopping. With so many car retailers in Louisiana and Texas, it’s important to practice your car smarts to find a dependable vehicle within your budget. Here are some great places to start your used car shopping journey.

With an enormous inventory and thorough inspections, CarMax is a great place to start shopping for a used car. CarMax has a five-day money-back guarantee and fair prices to make car buying as simple as possible.

The most well-known online car retailer, AutoTrader, has a lot of advanced search options. Start by choosing the price, make, and model of your desired car. Then, set filters for a more refined search from fuel economy to keyless entry. With endless search options, AutoTrader is a great used car retailer.

  • Independent Car Dealerships

Car buyers can find reasonable prices at reputable, independent used car dealerships throughout Louisiana and Texas. Just make sure to compare multiple dealerships based on reviews and reputations before purchasing one of their vehicles.

  • Factory Authorized Dealerships

Car shopping at larger dealerships can be a great idea for those looking for extra safety and protection on the road. For some peace-of-mind in the drivers’ seat, ask your dealer about their certified pre-owned cars, and start test driving. Pre-owned vehicles come with thorough inspections, repairs to any damages or worn-out parts, and extended warranties, so you can drive in ease.

Before driving off a lot or clicking “purchase,” remember that car insurance is required by law in Louisiana and Texas. Does your current policy meet your budget? Contact ABC Insurance Agencies today to find better choices for car insurance. Just call 800-708-0123, click, or visit a friendly agent near you to get the best, most affordable coverage for your new ride.

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