6 Things You Didn't Know You Could Do at the Notary

6 Things You Didn't Know You Could Do at the Notary

Have you ever heard that you need get a document notarized but didn’t know why or what to do next? To start, you should know that a notary public is someone who witnesses and verifies that all of the information on your important legal documents is correct. If you need to make alterations to or sign a legal document, like a vehicle title transfer, a notary public can help you.

ABC Insurance Agencies is a friendly Louisiana insurance agency that finds you the best coverage for your most important investments with quality car insurance, homeowners insurance, and more. But did you know we also provide many notary services that can help you save time and effort on your important documentation while safeguarding your assets all under one roof? In addition to vehicle-related paperwork, there are also many other surprising ways that we can provide notary services to you, such as:

1. Report identity theft

Being a victim of identity theft is stressful, but there are steps that you can take to protect yourself and your belongings after such a crisis. First, place a hold on all of your bank accounts to keep them secure. Then, report the identity theft. You will need to make copies of and notarize the FTC Fraud Affidavit; this precautionary step could save you time if the identity theft company requires legal signage. A notary can help you take control of identity theft by validating your paperwork and proving the legitimacy of your situation.

2. Perform matrimonial agreements

In Louisiana, married couples become affected by property laws as soon as they say, “I do.” Management of their property, such as their home, land, and income become regulated by law after marriage. Therefore, married couples must sign a marriage contract alongside a notary to become legally married Louisiana citizens.

3. Sign vehicle title transfers

If you sell your car, you will need to legally transfer the ownership of your vehicle through a title transfer. A notary should be present to legally verify that all of the provided information is correct on your car title transfer. Remember to bring the required documents for a title transfer with you, such as your ID, the vehicle that is being transferred, and payment for the notary service.

4. Transfer real estate documents

If you sell your home or give your property to a friend or family member, you will need to transfer ownership of your home through a real estate deed. With a notary’s signature and presence, a real estate deed will legally change your property’s title to reflect the new occupancy of your home.

5. Authorize last will and testaments

A last will and testament is a very sensitive document that determines how an individual’s belongings will be dispersed after they pass. In Louisiana, a last will and testament must be notarized to give beneficiaries legal access to any property left to them according to the will. A notary public plus two other witnesses should be present to authorize last will and testament signatures.

6. Sign adoption forms

If you are planning to adopt a child, congratulations on your new bundle of joy! Did you know that a notary can help you through the adoption process by legally signing important paperwork, like birth and marriage certificates, powers of attorney, and oaths and affirmations? Notaries can help you legalize all of these documents to make your adoption official!

 ABC Insurance Agencies has notary experts who know how to make you feel comfortable when signing critical legal documents. To find a local ABC Insurance location that offers notary services, make sure to call 800-708-0123, click, or visit a friendly ABC Insurance agent near you to learn more.

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