The Most Dangerous Season For Driving

The Most Dangerous Season For Driving

The day before Thanksgiving, or sometimes referred to as “Drinksgiving”, marks the start of the deadliest season for drunk driving. A report released by Alcohol Monitoring Systems (AMS) closely monitored a group of over 400,000 DUI offenders and discovered that drinking violations jumped around 33% between Thanksgiving and New Years Day.

The holiday season is no excuse to drive impaired. Even if there isn’t a crash, a drunk driving arrest involves costly fines, legal expenses and can even mean more costly insurance rates. Other forms of impaired driving also include illegal drugs and taking some prescription medications.

Alternatives to drunk driving involve a taxi, public transportation, or utilizing new ride services such as Lyft and Uber.

To avoid drinking and driving, or to help someone get home safely visit: for a list of sober/safe ride programs.

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