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Never Drive on Empty

Many drivers try to stretch their gas tank to the limit. Unfortunately, this can have very negative consequences for your vehicle. By driving your car on empty you put yourself in potentially dangerous situations and are at more of a risk for costly repairs.

How to Parallel Park

Once you find a spot that is big enough, evenly pull up to the car to the front of the parking spot. If your cars are significantly different in length, line up the back of your car with the back of the front car.

Rainy Weather Tips

Spring has arrived! Unfortunately, for those of you who were hoping for the sunshine, El Nino has other things in mind. This spring it is expected to be wetter weather all across the U.S., bringing the potential for dangerous and hazardous road conditions. To prevent any accidents, follow our rainy weather tips to keep you safe this season.

Louisiana’s Strangest Laws

It is not acceptable to tie an alligator to a fire hydrant, but horses may be tied to a tree on a public highway.

A Few FAQs

There are so many different types of programs offered. Generally, these programs offer you: battery service, towing, flat tire service, lockout service and help with flat tires. The benefit to having these programs is peace of mind. Should you get into an accident, or are one of those people who constantly gets locked out of their vehicle, an addition of roadside coverage to a policy is a no brainer!

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