The Cost Of Car Ownership

Ahhhhhhh, buying your first car- its smells like freedom. Soon enough you will have the power to come and go as you please, wherever your heart desires. But before this voyage begins, you will first need a vehicle. And we all know what you need to buy a car; that’s right, money! Owning a car … Continue reading The Cost Of Car Ownership
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Boat Safety for a Fun Summer

With Summer in full swing, I’m sure some of us are already enjoying the sunshine and water. Cruising on a boat or a jet ski can be a delightful summer experience but it comes with responsibility. Being educated about boat and watercraft safety is a wise decision if you intend to take part in fun … Continue reading Boat Safety for a Fun Summer
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Follow These 7 Driving Tips

Many of us have been driving on the road for so long that we have developed our own version of safe driving habits. Some of us roll stop signs while others cross double-solid-yellow-lines. Day in and day out we break these tiny traffic rules until they become our normal way of driving. And, just because … Continue reading Follow These 7 Driving Tips
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4th of July Events In South Louisiana

As Independence Day draws closer, we must decide where to celebrate. Events are plentiful and each have their own special character. To help ease the decision making process, we have compiled some awesome events happening in the Greater South Louisiana Area. New Orleans Essence Music Festival This event takes place July 1st- July 3rd and … Continue reading 4th of July Events In South Louisiana

4 Simple Maintenance Tips

Many of us have had this experience; our car hasn’t been checked out in a while even though we know it’s overdue for an inspection. Everything is running fine, so we think we can just go about our business. When we finally do take our car in for a check up, we are informed there … Continue reading 4 Simple Maintenance Tips

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