Save Green For St. Patrick’s Day

Save Green For St. Patrick’s Day It doesn’t have to cost you more money to be an eco-friendly driver. It’s easy being green when there’s potential for saving money. Celebrate this St. Patrick’s day by not only wearing green, but by actually being green for the environment and you could save some serious cash! Be … Continue reading Save Green For St. Patrick’s Day

Minimize Burglary Risk With These 5 Tips

Are you making your home an easy target for burglars? There are aspects of your home that burglars can leverage to steal from you. Risk of burglary can be decreased by making a few adjustments to your home that take away opportunities for robbers to break in.  We will show you how to burglar-proof your … Continue reading Minimize Burglary Risk With These 5 Tips

6 Helpful Driving Apps

Apps have become useful in many parts of our daily lives, including in the vehicle. Check out these 6 helpful driving apps and remember to always use a hands-free system while driving. Waze Waze is a satellite navigation service. It’s different because is allows user-generated information, so you can find the safest and quickest way … Continue reading 6 Helpful Driving Apps

The Automobile, Now and Then

Considered to be one of the most important inventions in history, the automobile has shaped the world. Can you imagine how difficult it would be to transport goods without the automobile? Origins Karl Benz is credited with producing the first stationary gasoline powered engine in 1879. Benz later used the engine to create the first … Continue reading The Automobile, Now and Then
ABC car seat sq copy

How To Properly Install A Baby Car Seat

Having a baby in your vehicle requires additional safety measures. Along with safe driving, a baby car seat must be installed properly. With a variety of car seats to choose from attention must be paid to the installation process to keep your child or baby safe while driving. These Steps will help you keep a … Continue reading How To Properly Install A Baby Car Seat

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