Boat and Watercraft Insurance

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Set sail for freedom from worry when ABC Insurance handles your boat and watercraft insurance. Be sure you and your toys are protected as you have fun and adventure.

Let your motor – or the wind – be your guide.

Whether you're fishing from your pirogue, piloting your Jet Ski in the lake, hoisting the sails of your catamaran in the gulf, or navigating your cabin cruiser through international waters, watercraft ownership pretty much guarantees you're having fun.

Stay afloat financially with the right protection.

Watercraft and boat coverage from ABC Insurance keeps you on smooth waters. You'll know you're protected from a range of risks that could turn a day at the beach into a nightmare at sea.

Boat or watercraft insurance from ABC Insurance typically helps you recover from the disastrous outcomes of:
  • Sinking
  • Theft
  • Fire
  • Collision
  • Explosion
  • Property damage to a dock or another craft
  • Vandalism
  • Injury to others

When you protect your boat or personal watercraft with affordable coverage from ABC, you'll choose the types and amount of coverage you want – at a price you'll like.

Let ABC Insurance navigate for you.

Your ABC Insurance agent knows boats and watercraft and is an expert at finding the best coverage for you, your craft, the motor and the trailer. ABC will give you information on a full range of options for the coverage you need. And if you ever have a claim, your ABC agent can help you navigate those waters too.

Don't drift recklessly without boat or personal watercraft insurance! You never know how choppy the waters will be – or when you'll need a helping hand that keeps you on the safest course and can rescue you from disaster.

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