Renters Insurance

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Protect what you own inside your rented home, no matter what kind of space it is: an apartment, duplex, house or mobile home. Renters insurance from ABC Insurance means your belongings are safeguarded – and for as little as 50 cents a day!

It’s your responsibility.

Your landlord’s insurance policy doesn’t cover the property you own inside your rented home. So if the premises are robbed, damaged by fire or ruined by severe weather, your landlord isn’t responsible for paying to replace your personal property.

Your belongings have value.

Look around your home and think about what it would cost today to buy the clothes, furniture, jewelry, artwork and electronics you own. Renters insurance from ABC Insurance will help you recover their value if they are stolen or destroyed – for less than $30/month! Renters insurance is a smart financial move designed to fit your budget and your life.

Be protected while you are away.

Not only does renters insurance from ABC protect against losses to your personal property in your home, it also protects the personal property you have with you when you are away. So if you are traveling and your luggage is stolen, or the hotel you are staying in goes up in flames with your belongings inside, renters insurance has your back.

Unforeseen accidents happen.

ABC renters insurance can also provide liability coverage to help you if someone is injured in an accident in your rented home. The coverage can protect your income from lawsuit damages brought on by the injured person, and may also provide legal defense costs for that lawsuit.

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