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Discover adventure on the road

Owning an RV or motor home gives you all the freedom of the road ahead with all the comfort and convenience of being at home. When you climb behind the wheel of your RV or motor home, your life will never be at a standstill and will certainly never be boring!

A home on wheels means you’re free from airline reservations and the constraints of hotels. Pick up and go – with the dogs, cats, birds, hamsters and other pets – to places you’ve always wanted to go and sites you’ve never seen. You could visit family and old friends without imposing on them and forge new lifelong friendships with fellow RV and motor home owners along the way.

Protection from unique challenges

Life on the road also means unique situations for RV and motor home owners. But coverage from ABC Insurance makes those challenges easier to face. Your ABC insurance expert understands RV and motor home coverage and will find you the specialized policy elements that match the way you use your vacation home on wheels. Better yet, your ABC Insurance agent will find you the best price for the right coverage.

Home is where you park it

Just like you protect your stationary home with homeowners insurance or renters insurance, RV and motor home insurance protects your home on wheels from accidents and other dangers. Just think about what could go wrong:

  • Fires due to leaking propane gas
  • Driving collisions with other vehicles
  • Clearance and height driving mistakes
  • Indoor or outdoor cooking fires
  • Pests, bugs and rodent infestations during storage

Protect yourself, your passengers, and your “land yacht,” too

ABC has policies and riders covering:

  • Personal effects
  • Full replacement
  • Emergency travel expenses
  • Fulltime RV operator coverage
  • Towing expenses
  • Suspension

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