Special Event Insurance

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As you plan your big event, don’t forget to protect it with special event insurance. ABC Insurance Agencies offers policies designed to cover possible disruptions and losses during the specific period of your special event.

Best laid plans

Weddings, benefit events, charity sporting events, musical events, religious revivals, business meetings, family reunions, quinceañeras – they all have one thing in common: They require solid planning.

You try to take everything into consideration. Is the location right? Is there enough parking? Is there enough seating? Did we hire the right caterer? Did we order enough to eat and drink? Did we get the right permits? Do we have a good theme? Will the decorations look good? Do we have the right officials involved? All you can do is your very best with every detail. 

What you can’t control does matter

Even with the most careful planning, you can’t control everything. Unexpected situations could arise that are simply out of your control.

Be better prepared by planning for special event insurance from ABC Insurance. Protect your special day from disasters like extreme weather, injury from accidents during the event, untimely illnesses or deaths that require event postponement, travel delays that keep principal people from arriving on time, no-show vendors, stolen gifts and prizes, last-minute venue cancellation, and more.

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Your ABC Insurance expert will work with you to design a logical and affordable policy that takes the worry – and financial loss – from the agenda. Your unique special event insurance policy will cover a set period of time and situations that may relate to your specific event. Ask your ABC Insurance agent to explain the details of each option so you can enjoy your day in a more carefree way.

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